New Year

Every year Mut Mee puts on a fabulous display of Isan-Thai Culture on the 24th of December for Christmas and a Big Barbecue for New Year when we often invite Pancho and some of the travellers to play.

On Christmas Eve we invite a troupe of young dancers and mime artists to do a show here in the Mut Mee Garden. Frequently they perform "The Isan Pot Dance", a local tradition only seen in this part of Thailand. A young girl "plays" the pots while the band behind her synchronize their sound with her movements, so that it appears as if she is making the music.

It requires a high degree of skill to make this magic of "a music to the dance" rather than "a dance to the music".

Mime is also very much a part of the performance, with lovers' folly a common theme, as are the different styles of dress reflecting the varying ethnicity in this area.

Our staff (pictured above) go to immense trouble to provide a buffet fit for a king to accompany the Christmas Eve performance.

On New Years Eve, 31st of December, Pancho, who teaches Yoga here, frequently plays guitar and sings with friends... often with the more musical of the guests staying here... while the rest of us enjoy a huge barbecue down on the riverbank.

This is no ordinary barbecue though. All kinds of different meats, fish and other seafood are available, together with a special vegetarian selection... including different kinds of tofu, aubergine ratatouille and potato gratin.

But remember, as this is Thailand, the New Year you are welcoming does not belong to the 21st Century. As the date here, taken from the time of Buddha, is 543 years ahead, it's now the 26th Century!