The Nong Khai Marathon

The Nong Khai Marathon takes place in just after midnight on Sunday, 20th of December 2020 and has different classes of runs from full Marathon to 10km and 5km runs. It is organised by V.Vieng a local company and in 2019 attracted a wide range of Thais and Foreigners eager to compete. It starts during the night, to avoid the heat and dehydration. Though normally cool here at this time of the year, it is best to start early.

Nong Khai extends a special warm welcome to foreigners wishing to enter these contests. There is a full marathon, 10 km and 5 km run and many other events. All of which start at around 01.30 am (very early morning- middle of the night) on the Sunday morning to avoid the heat.

If you wish to enter, it is important to inform us around a week in advance. The closing date for foreigners for the December event is around the end of November.