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If you would like to work at Mut Mee we would be delighted to hear from you. We normally ask for nine months minimum and if you are a foreigner you must have a degree. We also ask that you should be able to speak English. The ability to speak Thai or one other European language would be very useful. If you are a foreigner this job comes with a work permit, hence the minumum of nine months and the need for a degree. Thai nationals, of course, will be treated preferentially. Do send an email to mutmee@gmail.com and we will write back very quickly.

Pictured right is Martin helping the children at Sarnelli House. A Catholic venture under the direction of Father Mike Shea, this project cares for children who are all HIV positive.

Frequently orphaned by AIDS, these children are in need of any love and attention you feel able to offer.

For further information visit their site: www.sarnelliorphanage.org
Since the children infected with HIV/AIDS are now taking the Anti-Retro Viral (ARV) drugs, they are healthy enough to go to school. It is for this reason Sarnelli House accepts volunteers during school vacation periods only. These are March 15th to May 1st and October 1st to October 21st. They do not accept volunteers at other times.

The First Global Community College draws young people from all over the world to teach those who would otherwise be unable to afford further education.

The medium of instruction is in English. For more information click here.

Travel to Teach is an innovative project offering valuable working opportunities and genuine cultural experience at a reasonable cost for those wishing to gain experience working abroad.

Teaching children and young people from the poorer parts of rural Thailand, the project aims to provide unique benefits to both young Thais and participating foreigners. www.travel-to-teach.org

Openmindprojects promotes modern learning for underprivileged people in Thailand and Laos. Suitable for everybody, it offers amazing volunteer experiences, whether studying, working or retired.

This organisation helps children to learn to use computers and teaches English and other subjects: www.openmindprojects.org and www.itinisan.org

Openmindprojects also supports an elephant protection and ecotourism project in the Phu Wua mountains, to the east of Nong Khai Province. This is ideal for trekking trips with a chance of seeing wild elephants. Nearby, there is a home-stay project in the village of Kham Pia where you can stay overnight. Ecotourism in the Water Buffalo Mountains in Central Laos is also supported by this organisation. www.openmindprojects.org

Isara is a self sufficient charity which, by encouraging people to use its site, makes money from the clicks each time they visit it. The money raised goes to projects such as helmet donations, scholarships, trash clean-up & a free learning centre.

For more information contact Kirk Gillock at www.isara.org

Volunthai is a small project that specialises in home-stay teaching and English Camp projects. Volunteers work on a team and teach groups of students ranging from 8-18 years old.

Projects are located throughout the Isaan region, and there is no fee to join. For more information visit www.volunthai.com

The Khon Kaen Education Initiative (KKEI) is a group-process oriented program that encourages the sustainability of English programs in Khon Kaen in northeastern Thailand.  Native English teachers and local Thai teachers work together to develop English and faciliation skills, create an engaging curriculum, co-teach in the classroom, and
participate in cultural exchange.

This unique program hires new teachers each semester.  You will be provided with a monthly salary, Thai classes, health insurance, and work visas.  Email KhonKaenInitiative@gmail.com