Here at Mut Mee we put on special events around the year to mark dates such His Majesty The King's Birthday and Christmas and New Year, and to provide a focus for those interested in the local culture.

Pictured to the right and below is the Isan Pot Dance, performed to perfection by a local schools group here in our garden.


Mut Mee

Throughout the year there are all kinds of events
both in the town and in the garden of Mut Mee itself.
The events in Nong Khai and the surrounding area are listed and explained in the "Our Calendar" section.
The Isan Pot Dance is very much a local tradition only seen in this part of Thailand. A young girl "plays" the pots while the band behind her synchronize their sound with her movements, so it appears as if she is making the music. Moreover, as she runs her hands from left to right across the pots, so the musicians behind her run up and down the musical scale. It requires a high degree of skill to make this magic of "a music to the dance" rather than "a dance to the music".

Mime is also very much a part of the performance, with lovers' folly a common theme.

Not long ago one troupe brought the house down with a traditional skit about a countryside boy who is desperately trying to catch fish, while a beautiful girl uses all of her charms to try to catch him!

Sometimes at the end of the show, the crowd are invited to dance too!

Westerners too have a chance to perform if they wish. Pictured here is Pancho, the Yoga Master who is also a professional musician in his spare time (aren't some people maddeningly talented!).

We have a small PA system and if you can play (but not too loud) you are very welcome to perform. It doesn't have to be music either... if you have stories to tell or another way to entertain... that's great!

And here are the parties we have on the riverbank! This one was for New Year with a big vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbecue.

Vegetarian barbecue.!?.. and I see you look a little confused...

Well, yes there's loads of different kinds of tofu here, and Pao made her aubergine ratatouille and potato gratin, so nobody was left out...!