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1111/4 Kaeworawut Road
Nong Khai 43000, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)42 460 717
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Mut Mee Garden Guest House, is a Guest House right in the centre of Nong Khai City that has looked after people from all over the world for over 31 years. It is not just a Guest House, but also a meeting point for those who love the Mekong River, to enjoy the charming City of Nong Khai. Filled with trees and wildlife, including many red squirrels, Mut Mee Garden Guest House provides a wide variety of accommodation in over 30 rooms. We have a beautiful restaurant which serves a wide variety of Thai and Western food in both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian formats. Our clientele is Thai, Asian, European, American, Antipodean, Middle Eastern and African, so the whole world has stayed with us at one time, or another.

At Mut Mee Garden Guest House, we welcome people from all backgrounds, from those with an interest in food, those who like a night out in a bar, those hungry for culture, and those who with an interest in developing their spiritual identity. We take a delight in introducing people who are polar opposites in their views and inclinations, and many leave with friends from backgrounds well outside their normal experience of life.

Mut Mee Garden Guest House aims to be always affordable while always offering cleanliness and comfort. Some of our rooms are beautifully appointed and unusually well decorated, some offer all amenities with an attractive price, and some are simply basic for those who wish to be with us without spending too much… as a friend once said, Mut Mee Guest House is a garden for all seasons in life.

Right beside Mut Mee Garden Guest House, is the Alternative Centre which provides a wide range of activities including Yoga and Reiki. There is also the Hornbill Bookshop which provides new and used books for those who would simply like to sit in our guest house garden and read.

There is much to do in Nong Khai, including Salakaewkoo which is an extraordinary Sculpture Park with images of Thai and Hindu deities, The Taa Sadej market ranging over seven streets and is something akin to an Arab Souk, selling items from all over South East Asia, and the beautiful riverbank promenade which leads down to Wat Lam Duan which is in the centre of Nong Khai city with a giant Buddha image on the roof. Just outside are the twin Giant Nagas (water Serpents) which are the symbols of Nong Khai City and celebrate the fire breathing serpents which send fireballs into the sky at the end of Buddhist Lent every year in October. There are many festivals here including the Walking Street Festival every Saturday night, the Fireball Festival, the Nong Khai Marathon in December, the Railway Market every Sunday afternoon, the Rocket Festivals in May and June, and the Candle Festival when local women dance in the streets, to name but a few.

Last Updated: 6th of March, 2024

Painting by Lisa Lippuner
Inspired by years at Mut Mee
Many of our rooms feature her immensely sensitive work